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You give a pumice vambrace to a mystic man.
A mystic man says, "Thanks for your business, I'll take your 1822 talens payment in advance!"
a mystic man concentrates deeply on a pumice vambrace.
a mystic man conjures up a cloud of smoke.
Inside the cloud of smoke you see...

A pumice vambrace is a piece of armor made of pumice.
It is from Streak - Aurian Valley.
It may be taken and worn on the arms.
Its extra flags are: Anti-MAGE

A pumice vambrace modifies light by 0.
At least 2 units of light are needed to see it.
It will not decay.
Current structure:    23     Weight in pounds:       4.00
Maximum structure:    23     Volume in cubic inches: 2000
Base value in talens: 2604
It has not been imbued with with any special traits.

It can affect you with:                                                                                                                     
    Affect:  Armor/AC by -40

The cloud of smoke is quickly dispersed and the air is clear.
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