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You give an athanor armband to a mystic man.
A mystic man says, "Thanks for your business, I'll take your 15104 talens payment in advance!"
a mystic man concentrates deeply on an athanor armband.
a mystic man conjures up a cloud of smoke.
Inside the cloud of smoke you see...
The item is from Sidartha - Atakaji Desert.

an athanor armband is a Armor.
It can be worn on: Take Arms .
The item sets the character bits: NOBITS.
It's extra flags are: Shadowy Magic Anti-CLERIC Anti-MAGE Anti-RANGER Anti-MONK .
an athanor armband modifies can be seen by 15.
It has a volume of 2000, it weighs 6.0, and has a value of 18880 talens.
It will decay in -1, and it's structure is 39/39.
Light is modified by   0 and an athanor armband is made of athanor.

It has nothing added for a special procedure.
It contains nothing...
The item can affect you by:
   Affects:  Armor/AC by -74.
   Affects:  Noise by -1.
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