Syntax: bandage <person> <location>

Discipline Adventuring skills
Learned in Disc. 1%
Disc. Learn Rate Very Fast
Learn By Doing Yes
Difficulty Normal
Command lock-out 1.2 seconds

Bandaging will allow you to cover <person>'s body <location> with a bandage. The <location> may not have any equipment on it, and the person doing the bandaging must possess enough bandages to cover the <location>. (ie, a finger requires fewer bandages then the body itself).

Bandaged limbs will cease bleeding and will regenerate more health. Bandages once removed are useless.

Any <location> may be bandaged at any time. You should be as specific about <location> as possible (ie, use finger-left, wrist-right syntax).

Note that bandaging animals has tricky syntax. Some examples: "bandage bear foot-right", "bandage bear foot-back-left", "bandage horse leg-back-right"

Also See: Remove, Category:Object Manipulation

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