Syntax: charge <target>
Syntax: charge <direction> <target> <distance>

Charge is a legendary mounted attack whereby the rider and mount barrel down upon their foe attempting to inflict massive damage. While the attack itself is incredibly destructive, the mount and rider must sacrifice some of their normal combat attacks in order to recover from the charge. Additionally, if the charge is executed while the rider is already in combat, the rider and mount will lose attacks as they extricate themselves in battle and get set up for the charge. Typically, foes will be knocked off their feet as well.

Charge is only possible from horseback. It is very difficult to perform when engaged in fighting and even harder when tanking. It is most successful when used as an opening move in a fight although it is possible to use it at other times.

To avoid trampling an innocent bystander, you may only charge targets that have no other attackers, or if all the target's attackers are in your group. All other attackers of a charged target will be forced to scatter and will lose a few rounds of attacks while they regroup.

Note on ranged charging:

 <distance> is not required.  If used it will travel that far then charge, ignoring any matches it might have run into before that point.

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