Syntax: disarm <target.

Discipline Monk Abilities
Specialization Balance and leverage skill
Start Learning 1%
Disc. Learn Rate Slow
Learn By Doing Yes
Difficulty Dangerous
Command lock-out Stat Dependant (SPE)

Note: Disarm is available to Deikhans, Monks, Thieves, and Warriors. See appropriate table for each class.

Disarming an opponent is an attempt to gain an advantage over them in combat. Disarming can cause your opponent to fumble, making it more difficult for them to hit you. If your foe is wielding a weapon, disarm may also dislodge that weapon from their grasp.

Disarm is a physical attack, and as such, requires the practitioner be able to successfully hit the victim. Superior foes will be able to counter most disarm attempts you can make.

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