Syntax: engage <creature>

Engage is a way to start a fight without actually physically attacking the creature. In this way its similar to hit or kill but there is no melee attack. It's approriate for caster classes as melee attacks tend to distract the caster from their task.

Being engaged rather than fighting is often desirable if you do not need to fight since it avoids some command lockouts. Spellcasting is markedly better when engaged as opposed to fighting and casters are advised to engage rather than fight if their spells are crucial to a fight.

You are able to switch your status back and forth between 1) disengaged, 2) engaged, and 3) hitting by the use of the commands "hit", "engage" and "disengage". If you are engaged, you can start physically attacking by typing hit <target>. If you are hitting, you can stop hitting (but still be in the fight) by the use of "engage" or "disengage" and you can disengage totally from the fight from engaged status with "disengage".

You can use the toggle defaults to set whether you wish to default to engaging when you start a fight and when you are fought.

Certain creatures cannot be engaged (immortals, deities, etc.)

See Also: Disengage, Toggle, Assist, Hit, Kill

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