Note: Kick is available to Deikhans, Monks, and Warriors. See appropriate table for each class.

Discipline Monk Abilities
Specialization Balance and leverage skill
Start Learning 5%
Disc. Learn Rate Somewhat Fast
Learn By Doing Yes
Difficulty Easy
Command lock-out Stat Dependant (SPE)

Kick is an attempt to plant your foot on the opponent and damage them. The kicks can hit various locations (head, chest, crotch, shin) with the location being determined by the kicker's flexibility as well as the height difference between the kicker and the victim. Damage from a kick is dependent on the level of the kicker, although depending on where the kick lands, additional damage or affects may accrue. Kicking is slightly exhausting.

Kicking is a physical attack, and as such, requires the kicker be able to successfully hit the victim. Failure to do so will cause the attempt to fail.

Most non casting classes can kick to varying degrees of success.

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