Syntax: limbs <target>

The limbs command is used to view the health of yours or someone else's limbs.

Severely damaged limbs may become useless and inoperable. Inoperable limbs will cause you obvious problems (inability to cast spells requiring gestures, can't hold weapons, problems walking...)

Additionally, limbs may have afflictions (bleeding, paralyzed...) These afflictions may cause problems as time goes by (an arm that continues to bleed may cause blood loss and eventual death if not treated, a foot with an infection may rot and fall off)

Combat damage is the most common way limbs become damaged, but certain spells can have devastating effects as well. Time will heal damage but not major afflictions. It is a good idea to have critical damage looked at by a cleric or physician. Physicians can be found in most of the major towns and cities of The World.

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